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glues / Planatol

Planatol adhesives:



book binding:
BB Universally applicable dispersion glue for all manual gluing jobs involving absorbent materials (paper, card-board, board, fabrics etc.).
BB superior Improvement of BB.
BB 3600 Improvement of BB superior. Dispersion glue for difficult papers, very fast setting.
AD 94/5B Dispersion glue for difficult surfaces, high resistance to heat, quickly setting.
Blockleim Dispersion glue, for padding jobs by brush application, hard glue film.
Elasta Starchy dispersion glue for untreated paper and board qualities, pasty.
RH8 Starch glue, water-soluble, pasty.
Planatol 37 Dispersion glue, extremly hard glue film.

formset gluing, mailer gluing:
FF Dispersion glue. Formsets can be easily separated from the pad without falling apart.
FF 54 Dispersion glues for copying papers like NCR, CCP, Idem, Köhler etc. Also usable for formsets containing an SM paper top sheet followed by SC paper sheets.


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